Policy priorities


Human genome editing: Report of a FEAM workshop (28 April 2016, Paris)

EU regulatory issues:

Clinical Trials Directive (2001/20/EC): FEAM recommandations (2004), FEAM statement (August 2010), summary of its launch (January 2011, European Parliament), FEAM response to the 2011 EC concept paper, summary of a EuropaBio workshop (1 December 2011, European Parliament), Statement from non-commercial and commercial organisations (February 2013), Academic, hospital and charity sectors' comments on amendments adopted by the European Parliament's ENVI committee on the Clinical Trials Regulation (August 2013), related Commentary in QJM (Advance Access: Reforming the EU environment for clinical trials: what are the challenges? R. Fears; H.E. Blum; D. Kelleher; F. Meunier; R. Souhami; QJM 2013; doi: 10.1093/qjmed/hct149) - Related: ethical review of clinical research below.

Physical Agents Directive (2004/40/EC): FEAM statement (April 2006), FEAM statement (November 2011), Alliance for MRI, FEAM press release (July 2013)

Data Protection Regulation: FEAM statement (June 2012), Summary and proposed amendments (November 2012), Joint statement of the Healthcare Coalition for Data Protection (January 2013), Joint FEAM/Wellcome Trust briefing and proposed amendments (February 2013), Joint briefing Data Protection Regulation: Keeping Health Research Alive in the EU by Science Europe, EAPM, Wellcome Trust and FEAM (September 2013), Report of a roundtable organised by Science Europe, EAPM, Wellcome Trust and FEAM (October 2013), related Commentary in QJM (advance access, 19 November 2013), Protecting health and scientific research in the Data Protection Regulation (2012/0011(COD)) - Position of non-commercial research organisations and academics (January 2014), Open letter on Data Protection in The Times and Europolitics (29 January 2014), FEAM President's commentary on TheConversation UK: Draconian privacy rules threaten future health breakthroughs (25 February 2014), A joint statement by the Healthcare Coalition on Data Protection (10 March 2014), Digital campaign by the European Health Data in Research Alliance (8 December 2014)

In-vitro diagnostic medical devices: Comments from EASAC and FEAM on the In-vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulation (May 2013)

Ethical review of clinical research:  presentation by Prof. David Smith (FEAM Dublin Spring Conference 2013) in the follow up report, report of a FEAM workshop (17 March 2014, Brussels)

Personalised medicine: EASAC/FEAM report on Direct-to-consumer genetic testing (July 2012), related article (The Lancet, Volume 380, Issue 9837, Page 76, 14 July 2012), Summary (August 2012), related article (European Journal of Human Genetics, 21 November 2012), Summary of its launch in the European Parliament (January 2013), Comments from EASAC and FEAM on the In-vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulation (May 2013)

ONE HEALTH (Integration of human, animal and environmental health): FEAM's special edition (Italian Journal of Public Health, Issue: 2012, Vol.9, Nr.2), FEAM Declaration on the 'One Health' Concept (13 May 2014, Bucharest)

Harmonization of the medical curriculum and training in Europe: Med-MOTION project

Adolescent health: investing in the futureParis symposium on adolescent mental health and obesity (13 May 2015, Paris) - programme

Mental health: FEAM statement (November 2010), related article (January 2011 edition of EPA Journal (Eur Psychiatry 2011, vol 26, issue 1, pp. III-VI), related article (European Journal of Public Health 2011, Vol.21, No.5, 550-553), summary of its launch (March 2011, European Parliament)